Your Trusted Body Contouring Artist

BodyCon by J

BodyCon by J is a licensed, certified, and insured wellness bodybar specializing in non-invasive body contouring therapies, and alternative healing modalities.

Here, we receive multiple services to empower individuals to be more confident and esteemed in their own mind, body and spirit. With our therapies, we strive to help people create a new mindset about their overall wellbeing.

We are a team of trustworthy professionals, helping clients to build inner and outer beauty. And, we ensure client satisfaction.

About the Owner

J Young, the Owner & President, of BodyCon by J, is a licensed and certified Body Contouring Specialist, a certified Reiki Master, Energy Intuitive, Animal Healer and Channeler,  and Tarot Reader based in Los Angeles, California. J founded her healing and personal transformation practice, J Young Healing, in 2014, followed by BodyCon by J, in 2021.

How It Started

After almost a decade of spiritual awakenings, J found her true passion and purpose in guiding, supporting, and healing others on their journey of ascension and enlightenment. 

Once she had experienced that she was truly a lightworker, she decided to bring the element of healing into her life and others.

She then began studying Reiki, followed by working with crystals and gemstones, vibrational sound healing, and tarot. Then in 2021, she launched, BodyCon by J.

BodyCon by J

During the late summer of 2017, J decided to expand her services into the animal realm. It was a simple transition as she had already been performing Reiki healings on her pup, Harley 'the Great', and he saw great results in his daily life. She had also discovered that her intuitive abilities expanded far beyond just giving her human counterparts readings. She could also intuitively communicate with animals.

J grew up with several different kinds of pets, dogs being the majority. So, it was evident that besides caring for animals, in general, she found purpose in healing them.

J has found so much love, joy, and peace in helping others step into their true essence!

  • Energetically Aligning Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Assisting You With Overcoming Fears
  • Stress Relief
  • Connecting w/ Deceased Loved Ones
  • Regressing Into Past Lifetimes
  • Tapping Into Your Divine Purpose & Birthright
  • Body Contouring Therapies
  • And Much More...