Client Stories from the heart

BodyCon by J

I had an amazing experience with J! She helped me to clearly identify what I should be focusing on right now, in this phase of my life. She is so sweet and empathetic, and I would absolutely go see her again! She made sure I was completely comfortable with everything going on and recommended meditations for me to try after our session. She also followed up with me very quickly with more suggestions and just to check in on how I was feeling after the session. She was so gentle with me and provided so much insight to several issues I've been having lately.  Almost everything she said resonated with me extremely deeply. She is so knowledgeable about everything she practices.
-Dani- New York 

I came to J in an unclear state and after one session I knew I was on the right path. Remaining consistent with her is opening me up to a self-understanding and openness that I didn’t know was so deeply there all along. Her space and energy is so welcoming and loving, and her natural gift for healing and spiritual connection is so clear. She just taps in and feels exactly what I need each time, leaving a beautiful effect on my body, mind and being. Rediscovery of who I am and what my truth feels like becomes more and more clear each session.
-Olivia - Hollywood, CA 

J was my first experience with Reiki healing. I've had family and friends who have experienced Reiki over the years so I had an idea of what to expect, but J made it such a personal experience. She is so inviting and warm, her energy radiates! I was so comfortable in the space and able to accept and experience the healing that was happening. She is truly gifted and was able to see and pick up on tings that were so personal and meaningful for me. She helped me move forward with some healing that needed to be cleared out and offered me insight on how to go forth with my journey. I highly recommend her services!

-Amaris- Los Angeles, CA

I went to see J a few weeks ago to experience reiki for the first time and Wow, what a powerful experience. First off, J is so comforting, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the beginning. Her space is clean and calming and she was kind enough to ask about any scent sensitivities I may have before using any incense or oils. The reiki was one of the most relaxing experiences and I felt complete trust that J was the best guide to take me through it. Afterwards, she had incredible insight into personal things in my life and gave me some meditation exercises I could do at home to move and shift some blocked energy I had. I can't wait to go back and do it again, thank you J!

-Shannon - Los Angeles, CA 

J I wanted to take a few moments out to thank you for your service and also spread word to others of the level of peace, calm, and understanding of self I've received since our first healing session. I came to you unbalanced and confused, a real shell of myself so to speak but through your knowledge and guidance you have led me to free myself, to be myself and most importantly love myself. "I recommend EVERYONE, regardless of your current physical, mental, or spiritual state pay a visit to J Young Healing." Can't wait for our next session.
-Sir - Victorville, CA 

I am glad I was able to find J to perform Reiki. She is welcoming and warm. I feel such a release from the everyday stresses after completing a Reiki session with J. She is open and filled with great positive energy that she shares during my visits. She has helped guide me on things I need to work on by being able to see pass the physical and work on my centering. I look forward to our next session.
-AJ - Los Angeles, CA 

This was my first experience with body contouring.  J is very professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. She explained each treatment step-by-step. I felt less bloated and thinner, even after the first session. Even the tape measure and pictures proved it.  I highly recommend J for your body contouring needs!

-MJ- Los Angeles, CA 

BodyCon by J
I had the pleasure of being guided through a distance healing by J Young. Knowing J for years, I was 100% confident I would receive what I was looking for. The healing was everything I needed and right on time. Although I had no doubts, I was still impressed with how well J tapped into my energy. It was a very emotional and spiritual experience.
-Cherise - Arizona 
J Young is very professional, she is incredibly good at what she does, putting you into a state of calm and relaxation during every session. Her follow up skills post session are what's most impressive to me. There are a number of reasons you might be considering visiting her and she's able to help with all of them.
-Michelle -  Los Angeles, CA

I had never tried Reiki healing, but had heard about it and was interested in trying it out. Not only did J make me feel comfortable and relaxed, but she is wonderfully kind and gentle. She answered all the questions I had and eased me into the experience. Once the session was over, my mind was quiet and at ease, my body was the most relaxed it had been in YEARS, and my spirit stirred with inspiration and love. The experience was unlike anything I have ever encountered and has changed my life, all for the better of course! I recommend J's healing to everyone I know!
​-Gina -  Los Angeles, CA

I was drawn to have a long distance healing by J Young. The healing itself was in fact awakening for me. J Young was accurate in my current life situation (at the time of the readings) and was also accurate in future events. It's a gentle healing or release and I highly recommend working with her. She is a kind and light soul and I'm grateful to have connected with her and worked with her.
- Nina - New York

I have so much gratitude for meeting J and her help in my healing, through her wonderful energy, comfort, guidance and love. The drum and Crystal work was especially powerful for me. I would recommend anyone to see her for whatever they are experiencing in their life. Healing is possible and J really helped me feel that, leaving each session feeling relaxed and a higher sense of clarity.
-Julia - Los Angeles, CA

Distance healing was what I needed at the time, J Young was spot on with the reading and gave me some ways to release what I needed to release at that time. Highly recommend and would certainly work with her again.
-Danielle - Los Angeles/London England

J was very intune to my needs during our long distance Reiki. It was uncanny how I felt her spirit even when I was more than a thousand mile a way. J provided much needed peace and comfort during a very difficult time for me.
​-Anne - Littleton, CO

J is authentic and very intuitive, I witnessed this first hand two years ago when we first met at an event, hanging out for dinner with and someone in the circle was in distress and she sensed it and and unselfishly gave assistance, it was a powerful impromptu thing to witness. I then scheduled my own session, thousands of miles away on the phone and received dead on insight, suggestions and love. I will continue to use J Young Healing to heal myself physically, spiritually and mentally.... Love and Light sista!! So glad the universe has graced me with your presence and knowing...
​-Rhonda - Virginia

I had a wonderful and positive healing session with Ms. J Young. She helped me a lot in my ongoing emotional situations. I will definitely call her again! She's very professional and knowledgeable in her line of business! Spiritually and physically I felt so relieved after my session with her. Our daughter Anna Marie (who is battling cancer ) is also a client, and she shared with me her satisfaction and wonderful experience after she had her session. I will definitely recommend Ms. J Young to our friends.
-Erlinda - Las Vegas, NV

It's such an amazing experience to know and have met J. When I was thinking about the angel number 3 from an article I was reading, I began wanting to call on the Reiki energy due to massive pain in my hernia disc, back, and hips. Suddenly, J liked one of my pictures on Instagram, so I checked her page and saw that in her description she was a healer. I immediately contacted her, and since that day, every session that we have together I feel much better after. During our sessions, I can feel her energy in my body; every time, and I always feel less pain the next day. Moreover, with my session with J, I've learned more about myself, inner soul, grounding to release negative energies, and received the insights of where my pain and traumas stem from up until now. I'm so happy to be releasing all of them. I'm so grateful to know J, and I hope to connect with her for a lifetime.
-Meltem - Istanbul, Turkey

My primary concern was that I had been experiencing a good amount of stress and anxiety. I'm really grateful for J's help and guidance. The distance healing session was a really interesting experience. I would say that I was able to "feel" her connecting with me when we first started; I felt a sort of "charged"/flowing sensation (like energy pulsing) in my head-- specifically at the top of my head. I guess I felt the connection more than I was expecting to! At one point I also remember a similar sensation in my hands. I was aware of drifting in and out of sleep (and snoring a bit haha) during the majority of the session. It's so interesting that J picked up on several of the personal insights that she shared with me, even from a distance! So much of it felt salient and true.
-Emily - Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

I had the privilege to work with J on her distant healing Reiki session. It was my first time to try it hence it helped a lot that she was very organised and clear on her instructions on what I have to do and what to expect before, during and after the session. She did more than I have expected from the session. She is indeed born with the extraordinary gift of spiritual healing and I feel very fortunate to be a recipient of such a beautiful gift. I will definitely continue working with J for a very long time. Thank you J!
-Cherry - Berkeley, CA 

J Young, is an amazing individual. I never thought that I would ever go to a Reiki Healer, but I am glad I went to her. I entered her home with doubt, but once in her presence I felt a sense of calmness, someone I could connect to. She made me feel whole, calm, secure, she helped me find some peace. This was a great experience, I hope you decide to experience it too.
-Alexandra - Los Angeles, CA

J is incredibly talented. She is professional, thorough and wonderful to work with. She has a powerful presence and is clearly born to do this kind of work. Her messages for me were incredibly personal, specific, insightful and very moving! She is prompt in replying to emails and is flexible with scheduling. Go to J for Reiki and heal your life!
-Silvana - Los Angeles, CA 

J Young is transcendent! One session, and I'm hooked. Healing your mind, body and soul has never felt so good. She has a life long client!!!
-Sutherland - Los Angeles, CA 

My session with J Young was unexpectedly relaxing. I was greeted by a warm face and peaceful environment. I quickly descended into a deep meditation and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation that commenced after the healing session. For anyone looking to clear some energy or just have a positive spiritual experience, look no further!
-Dominique - Los Angeles, CA 

I visualized a past life and unleashed a repressed memory. The experience did give me side effects, mostly emotions, but in a good way. I was able to feel magnetic energy that I had never experienced before. And, I even felt a ball of energy separating my hands. J was attuned throughout the session, and the energy and angelic presences made me feel at peace. I will definitely make this a monthly visit. Thank you!
-LaTondra - Hawthorne, CA

J Young is an insightful, warm and thoughtful energy healing professional. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for 10 years and find her intuitive & healing nature a true gift.
During a session with J, you will be amazed at the calm and peace upon walking into her space. From there, she communicates with you and tells you what you might expect to feel during the session. She's incredibly professional and KIND. It's such a private thing... looking into your own life & spirituality, and she puts you at ease while she works with you.
I recommend J Young for anyone seeking guidance on an honest journey into their own beautiful life & spirit. A session with J. is transformative! Enjoy. 🙂
-Kristin - Inglewood, CA

The best words I can use to describe J Young is that she is an Angel reincarnated. I recently was introduced to her work over a month ago and I can't get enough. I do Reiki with J once a week, and the transformation and healing I have seen on myself in just a short month, has been eye opening and very instrumental to my spiritual growth. I'm not saying it's always easy to look at the parts of yourself that are yucky, but the only way out is going through it. I remember reading Brian Weiss's book, Many Lives, Many Masters and thinking how lucky that girl was to get him as a teacher/healer. I realized that I created the same experience for myself with J, and I feel truly blessed. I'm so excited to see what else is in store for me!
-Grisselle - Los Angeles, CA 

J is amazing. Whenever I feel like I'm in a rut, I know it's time for a session with her. She renews my energy and my patience. During my last session, she managed to somehow relieve my bloated belly (which I thought was holiday weight gain). If you feel you're in a rut and need a jump start on feeling lighter and happier, CALL J!!!
-Shadan - Sherman Oaks, CA

I have been coming to J for about 8 months now. When I was seeing her every week, I could feel a lot opening up for me in my chakras, meditation, and personal/professional life. I notice now when I go in for a reiki session when I haven't been in a month or so, I realize how disconnected I've become with my spiritual being. J opens that up for me every time. I'm always amazed at her abilities.
-Gretchen - Los Angeles, CA